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Time passes so fast?


Hey, I'm 15 (almost 16) and have the feeling that passes very quickly in the last few weeks. Not that annoys me, but I have the feeling that I did not have been on a day. But it also comes that I used to be awake much longer, and now only 11-10 hours a day. I also sleep a long time. Does anyone know if it may be because of it or something else? Mfg


Hey, I always feel the feeling that time passes away when I made a week for example (holidays). If I have done a lot a lot for a week then she does not go swiftly in relation, but still I feel good :)

Take a notes every night, what you have done so, try your activities To increase, but do not put you under pressure


It is because you design the day. The more you take the day, (leisure, friends family), the longer it feels that the day is long. If, on the other hand, it is less and the day is not so varied, the faster, the time flies in feeling. This has something to do with the psyche ...

Especially IN childhood is to feel ...

Earlier in the 1st class one day was a complete day.

Today (I in the 10th grade) take the day in a few hours.


I am synonymous. Located MMN in the weather. The many intense sun tired, the body needs a lot of recovery. I also get less done than usual.

Time passes so fast?

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