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Do you find this dress too short?



Yes, I think so. In my view, a skirt or dress is too short, if you can not bend / square / hinkers, without others seeing under the skirt and get the underwear to see.


RIN Optically, if you have the legs
in addition to the figure, very appealing. But already short -
Thus you can not sit down. ;-)


Hello Leona,


It does not develop a form, no line. Neither does it bring your PO to be valid, nor does it bring itself here in this area. It only depends on UNGAL.

Please a little longer. Half thigh is optimal.

(Bin Mänl.)


NEIn, but would be NH Safety Pants :)


I do not think! That the dress is too short, it depends on it! Wish you want to wear it and what you want to do with

I have many clothes and skirts, short and sometimes floor and also Minis.

Take what you like and let you like Do not persuade anything.


Do you find this dress too short?

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