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Why is censorship allowed on the internet?


If I extery an opinion on one page on the Internet and this opinion is deleted, this is censorship.

(1) Everyone has the right to express his opinion in word, writing and image freely and To spread and [..] Censorship does not take place.

Now it is often expressed that the side operators were almost a "house right", but is not that wrong? You can not compare the internet with an object in which limited many people come.

If there is not a risk that here the network effect comes to wear and in the end, a few decide which opinion is fine is and which?

I see this as a big problem and wonder if the intention is or the inability of our current government BEim's theme internet to be attracted?


I mean no insults / threats or right / left-sextremist contents or otherwise, in conflict with the law, content. But simply a normal opinion.


The Basic Law regulates the relationship between the state and citizens, not between citizens (or private companies). Since e.g. Gutefrage is not a state, they may also decide which content they want to have on their servers and which are not. My previous sentence also means that the company Gutefrage itself has the freedom to decide what you do with your money (because the technology costs money in some places). You could almost think that would be the freedom of freedom of order that you restrict the companywant ...

It prevents BTW. Nobody to open a better legislation with "even more freedom of expression".


There are rules from the operator on a platform and that must be adhered to!

Het it Provocation and insults are not an opinion and are displayed, tracked or deleted! What is good, especially since that with a "free expression" has nothing to do!

Stop the rules, look at your choice of words and then do not happen to you! Alternatively: reasons a separate platform! There will be no deleted, but only criminated! : -)


These platforms on the Internet, including good question, are private-sector organized and make their ownn rules. If you want to freedom of expression for you, then that will only be fulfilled in this way when you keep your rules on or which let go through. Real freedom of expression If you only get your own website.


Your server belongs to you, just like your apartment, it's yours, albeit virtual space and thus the house right ( See, for example, Schimpfwordfilter in every MMO). For example, I want to build a char in a game that Dickinson (to Bruce Dickinson) hot ... Schimpfwordfilter has forbidden him because the word "Dick" was included, house right - is the way and finished




If I appear on one page on the Internet an opinion and deleted this opinion, that's zEnsur. No. If that violates the rules, this is just the house right of the side operators. You can not compare the Internet with an object in which there are limited many people. But. People make a page available and can then set what's okay and what is not. Create with sending / account is true of these rules too.

Why is censorship allowed on the internet?

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