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Why do you believe in God?


It is actually proven that there is no God at least there is neither evidence that there is such a thing still agree with any strange stories with physical and chemical facts.

Deities have thought of people in times when they did not know it better. Today you know it better.

And for everyone with the argument. "You can not prove God but you can not prove that it does not exist". After this parent logic, I could say there is some mystery beings called "Hubabuba". You can not prove that it does not exist. But that does not make the whole thing true or more existing. It stays naked. I just thought for me.


Religions have been simply transferred for millennia and remain so long because they give people some security

It is certainly much easier to deal with death and losses, if you It is about that you and your family / friends can be rescued and can live in paradise. The same applies to superstial or people who believe in luck or fate.

I personally believe in a God, because I've already seen himself how he helped people in my environment and also in severe times .

It may be similar to other Christians, Jews, Muslims, etc., but of course it can not speak for all religions in the world.

It remainsBut we have to leave anyone - we will never learn alive what was the "right way", so I think we should let everyone go his own way. You can also believe in "Hubabuba", as long as you are a good person and you're fine, there is nothing to complain about xD Barbara

quite simple. The majority of humanity is satisfied with the simplest answers, no matter how unfounded these are. That's just stupid in my opinion. One should rely on science.


You want to be "modern" and deny God.

That's very simple.

But why do this eternal question deals with God? That actually answers your original question. People have a SEele and she always longs for her Creator. There is no denial. You are no longer out of your head. There you have your answer!


"According to this parent logic"

Do you really believe that you come to talk with people? Or do you only want to talk to people who have your opinion anyway?

Why do you believe in God?

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