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What if I think all my neighbors are a bit stupid?


Hello, I do not know I do not have a quarrel with those and we'll leave each other alone.

Only if I think of my neighbor rolling somehow the eyes and think they are not all so clever.

I do not know I think if it would not be so much easier and I could have fun here with the neighbors maybe. What do you mean.


So I do not mean that you are stupid from the knowledge, many have a profession and neighbor is even a professor at the university.

However, if I see them and towards them Stand and with the speech I somehow feel like I can not suffer or I think it's stupid.


The few people have fun with their neighbors. That is rare. It's really happiness that they accidentally tick like how to do themselves. And why, even if you have friends.

It is enough for you to be friendly and helped with a drill bit or a milk to get holiday the mailbox emptied and talking over the weather. Then you can really appreciate happily when it runs.


Then you like to judge people without being able to get to know them correctly.

Maybe you are doing better if you put about them with it.

That is the ego. That's what I like to do.


Who you all think for stupid is right with you! Dan you should work on your attitude! But even someone who is not a professor is not stupid!

When my journeyman

has left 30 minutes insulting from an academic he has gone to do without the work and the academic has 2 Days must be freezing and embarking on the company boss

that the journey must come out again! Since the academic did not expect that the alleged so stupid craftsman has an LMissed augment for life!


Maybe your neighbors know exactly about you


Then you think the hold.

I think about almost all people that they are bisland stupid.

What if I think all my neighbors are a bit stupid?

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