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What is your home?


How does your home smell?

How does she feel like it, how does she look like?


Question of pure interest


Heimat is cuddly and the opposite of a museum in which nothing touched, but only may be obscured. Home smells of food and plants and a cat or a dog lies around somewhere. At home you may be authentic and does not have to press into a strenuous social role.


I originally come from Palestine.

Without the whole "Israelterror" it is very peaceful and comfortable.

The food, is something "oriental" and usually very delicious (there is everything from appetizer to dessert) (of course taste)

I can not say more, because I have never been there But I hope that I would come in

Currently live here in the DE;)


I am at home everywhere, where I feel good. My home is where it stinks to nature, after forest and mountains and sea XDXD


Life in the mountains is hard and resistant

What is your home?

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