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Mother died, do not coming on?


I am 16 years old.

At the age of 11, my mother, who died at the time most important person in my life, died.

I had to go to my aunt and was also from my father Isolated.

You can imagine that it is not easy to get into a "new" family (I say with intention again, because we have lived pretty much secluded & it does not recognize me until today).

I was with my mom a very happy child, successful at school, had many friends, dreams, goals, self-confidence.

After death, I feel that I have always fought with ALL. My dreams and motivation have disappeared. I became very conservative. I am critical to every new step in my life and am aothers other than tolerant towards things. I just got chopped. And I'm only 16 and my life starts first. I would have to collect new experiences, things are open to face. Especially because soon yes the school is over and it goes to the career.

I'm worried.
I know that I can not get my mother again.

I just want to live normally again, like everyone else.

How do I get that again?


I believe the death of a parent to cope with something very, very heavy. You were still very young and of course that left traces. Traces you feel until today and where you notice, there is still a lot of what you did not process.

Sometimes it makes sense to talk to someone and look for help. It's not a shame if you say: I need help, I'm not feeling well .....! Together it is often easier ..

It does not always have to be a psychotherapy! Of course, she is sometimes meaningful and advisable, but there are also other contact points that you could try down the whole time. And if it does not help then you realize it's still not going, then you can still have a theRapists are looking for.

Contact points are there several:

Did you think help you help and get advice?

  1. Online consulting points such as the way to the front offers free , Anonymous and confidential online consulting of professional advisors for young people and adults under
  2. Hotlines like the number counterpart, a hotline for children and adolescents so you could talk to someone.
  3. Counseling centers, which make a very similar work like therapists, but are much easier to reach from access.
  4. Self-help groups for teenagers who have lost a parent so you get to know others who make similar experiences.

You can also moreTake out offers at the same time as it helps you! The one does not exclude the other. I would wish you that you find someone to talk about everything that you can talk about everything and where you realize that you are really well.


I know your situation very well . My mother died when I was five and I am now 17. It was with me at the beginning as well as with you but (not for relatives but in ner foster family) I have always talked to people about it was hard but it was hard but it was hard Was better from time to time. Now I can talk as well as openly talking about it it's still very hurt but I can tell you it will be better over time. Sorry


This is sad.

Why did not you stay with your father?

The aunt is no help.

You can do a therapy.

Would you want to go away from your aunt?


Think about what your mother would expect from you in the situation.

Mother died, do not coming on?

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