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How can Muslims be best dealing with Islamophobia?


Assalamu Aleikum WA Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh love siblings,

Unfortunately, many Muslims are confronted in Europe with Islamophobia. You get derogess remarks, insults and is often treated as a human 2nd class. On them politicians in Europe do not seize the Islamophobia in society more strongly to promote with discriminating prohibitions (eg headscarf ban, circumcision ban, shaft ban, etc.).

How are your Muslims with the situation and how should Muslim behave if he is attacked because of his religion?

Thank you for your answers.


Simply understanding, and make sure that the Islam is rejected, which is why Islam is rejected.

Whether phobia is the right word is sometimes ...

I can experience it myself.

Since I've been with my Muslim, and in your residential district Hijbaggenterinin, we can get open infants of the Muslims.

This will cause you and I move away, and you no longer will carry your hijab so that we do not have the same in green at the new place of residence.

I think that's a pity, since I always found her hijab 'sweet and she also carries him from habit / wore, As a sign of Islam.


I see every religious person as a personSecond class. I largely sit in religious with conspiracy theorists, as religions are nothing but conspiracy theories for me. However, that does not mean that I only insult people on the fact that they are religious. M. N. If everyone should believe what he wants, but then he should not be surprised if he is laid out or similar from others. If someone eligibly believes in a flat earth or a supernatural beings named God, M. M. n. Expect to be laughed at others.

P.S.: The circumcision, especially in young people who can not estimate the far-reaching consequences of this decision, is a perfect example of this, DAce stupid, largely unfounded and unfriended socio-cultural traditions overshadow the self-determination of an individual. What can a person grows up in a religion in which it is desired to be trimmed? So the same is completely barbaric and anyone who does not advocate a ban there is m. M. n. Sick in the head and puts the ax to a society in which everyone should be self-determined with his own existence.


Islamophobia on the Internet can be best ignored because they only want to react and get up.

In Real Life also ignore, except someone will be insulted. Then stand to the side and help.


Rejection is not PHobie. An actual phobia could probably only be treated therapeutically, so could not do anything.


Just live your life. If someone wants something of you, he will contact him.

How can Muslims be best dealing with Islamophobia?

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