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Which first name would you give the color green?


If you need to give the color green a first name, how would you call green?

I would be interested in whether more male or more female names come out. Please respond before you read the answers of the others.

And if you want, you can also answer my other questions of this "series" :) -The color purple giving color-orange color - yellow

First, I thought about the name Violet, but since violet is also a color does not make sense or? But I also encountered the name Hannah, I find that fits somehow (:


Giuseppe of course!


My suggestion: Cordula


"Color". A very nice first name, as I think.


I'm the first "Midori" in my head come. "Midori" is a Japanese female first name that has "green" as meaning.

Which first name would you give the color green?

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