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Why see Hollywood movies, even if they are bad, better than German films?



Z.B. The woman at the window or conjouring looked better than the mushroom film


The Germans generally have little acting talent. They are a serious, honest people without tendency to theatrical behavior, poses and manipulations. You can tell German actors mostly that they actor. There are really only a few really good German actors.

Today's German films and series have something sober, pale, those characteristic, wordcargen German beerste, through which about "crime scene" series feel so cold.

Typical dialogues in such series sound about something like this:

A: (beerst, with cold, chopped voice) "Do you have the notary INformed? "

B: (after short, deepest reflection)" In fact. "

A: (with unchanged, sonorous voice)" Then you will hear from my lawyer . "

No speech jokes, its situational compartment as in Hollywood ham, no clamauk, nothing stingy," Sans Génie et Sans Esprit "would probably have to determine the German Pardon Par Excellence Nietzsche again.

That was not always the case and there are still exceptions today. But the tendency is more than conspicuous. In the past, we used to have witty humorists like Heinz Rühmann, Heinz Erhardt and in the 80s still ingenious Zeitgeist-cartoonists such as Otto Waalkes or even surprisingly imaginative works like The films of Michael Endes "infinite history". Today is the glassChen rarely and the German humor remains at the level of cheap penis jokes à la Stromberg, while the formerly so rich German imagination seems to be completely extinct today. Only pale naturalism, overrunning, beer and Leftensive propaganda. The "culture" of the current FRG is so boring and fantasy as their neomarxist ideology.


Because in our films still the same "theatrical platform lighting" is used as in 1960. You have Only a single lamp in the room, but you see three shadows of just one person on the wall. If I see this dilettantism, then I'm out immediately!

Because here hardly a director knows how he from his actors emotions out Kitzorld. Especially at RTL, the actors are often said that they should play with more emotions. Because they do not know how to do something like that, they begin to scream. They scream each other all the time and really believe that emotions.

Last but not least, everything is regulated in German films about the word. The viewer needs a little background knowledge about the movie. -No problem! The dialogue pen is already at work and puts the actors such a boring dialogue in the mouth that the spectator fell asleep before the film started. Especially in Eastern Europe, these dialogues do not need to convey background knowledge. There you dissolve that in an intelligent way with subtle means, with really nice BIlder, with a meaningful look, with a spring that floats through the picture or whatever. But not with these asleep dialogues. All mistakes come together in a movie (by the way, there is still much more) then the viewer is annoyed after a few seconds.


Because more technical effort is being driven. On the one hand, more money is there for more experience.

Why see Hollywood movies, even if they are bad, better than German films?

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