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I'm pretty thick and have a little penis what can I do?


Hi I have a question and although

I'm 18 years old and pretty thick I cradle over 200kg and have a little penis my penis bigger when I remove or remains now so because I have one Girlfriend and wants to have children at some point but I'm ashamed of her that I ask for help


So first time: In a good partnership you have to be ashamed for anything. Your girlfriend loves you. Believe it or do not believe it, but it will have already noticed that you are more of the beary guy. And seemingly she does nothing. It's okay to be unsure, but I would recommend you either to make your peace with your blinds or to work on it. Go to the doctor, let you go through and advise you and then make you the work. I'm sure you will have great children, but if you want to be a good father, then you must be at least healthy. The weight in the end is not climbing in the end (there are simply different types - not every weighing 80kg on 1.90 and that is completely okay !!!), but 200kg are SCHon a little bit. The overweight simply increases your chances of a number of unsightly diseases.


The penis size has nothing to do with the capacity! But you should urgently reduce the weight, so that you can see your children big as well ... With the massive obesity, the risk of severe sequence is quite high!


the fat concealed Of course, part of your penis and that's why he seems to be a delicate.

Your health should definitely be checked out blood pressure and maybe further - your family doctor will decide and answer your questions that will tackle your fertility. Finally, do you want to grow up your children, not?


Well, frankly ... on your little penis might change a surgery ....

... but on the 200 kg you may possibly do something Change .... So start first; -)

But it should be a disease-related weight, you would have to ask a real medical medical ...


Alone for health reasons you should remove urgently

I'm pretty thick and have a little penis what can I do?

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