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Women and sexual fetishes?


I had just asked a question and then got an interesting answer.

Someone said that women had no fetish. Of course, sexual fetishes are more known in men, but I know of their own experience that women also have such fetishes.

But how do you think about it? Do women have sexual fetishes? And if so, which is the most common?

Yes, women also have sexual fetish choose 89%

No, women have no sexual fetishes. Choose 5%

I am a woman ... My fetish is ... Choose 5%


'Someone' is a bit misinterpreted in my eyes. Because of course, women also have fetishes. Not all, but as well as some men have one, women also have one such. This is completely okay, quite normal and harm anyone.

That sexual fetishes are known in men, is probably because men are much more open to what their sexuality is concerned and there is a few more details (sometimes more details than you may want to hear) Let's penetrate to the outside, while women, not all women of course, traditionally are something covered, as far as sexuality is concerned, especially in the broad public.

Nevertheless, it can be found: Women have fetishes. They are talking aboutnot so publicly about it.

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But 100% also have fetishes. Fetish used to be such a (sex) scene term. Today, the word is fetish yes on everyone's lunches and unfortunately very often negatively affected, because everyone always thinks of something likehrous and ultimately does nothing but preference for something. And since everyone has certain preferences, every person has more or less one or more fetishes. Fetish is the slightly more pronounced version of a preference.


Some women do not have a fetish, others. I think that's just not communicating so open, in men you hear more often from their fetish because they, for example, other women bElacizing that you ask for foot pictures ... and that's just told. Women may be less cross-border. But it is only a theory. Personally, I have no fetish after official definition, but already so 2 sexual preferences that I reserve for me, or only with my partner parts.


Of course, women have fetishes, my experiences:

My ex wife stood on sex toys and that too during the day (front or back, sometimes both)

Other acquaintances on so-called "lingerie" to paint and leather [what nothing me brings to me :-(]

And ever older women are the more many on younger men

and more.


at least notvery often. And if then, just boring.

Women and sexual fetishes?

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