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Would you look forward to the compliment "You have a very unique smile"?


Please with justification Why or why not.

Yes, absolutely. Choose 40%

Is that way. Choose 27%

Sounds like hidden criticism a smile. CHOOSE 20%

Other, and ... Choose 13%

No, not at all. Choose 0%


Phew ... I was told me, I would have laughed a beautiful laugh - from a friend I've got to know as honestly and the nix of it would have to be slimmed or not that counts who subtly practiced criticism or are back. I found that nice.


But I actually find other compliments nicer or there are nice ways to put into words. I once said a colleague that she has a very nice and hearty laugh - that was really happy and it was to look at it :-). And such a compliment I find nice. I was also told me, I would have a calming voice - that was pleased too.

But a "unique" laugh ... do not know. My big uncle always said, Unicum is the Latin word for jerk,In the direction goes from my point of view or it can be so connected.


I do not stand something. You can not do anything about words.

Counting. everything else is unimportant. A good character, clear decisions, resistance to these stuff count. Words do not give me to animate me at heights or even trust.


Devinitive This is a very nice compliment :)


Comes on the tone and the situation


Come on whether I like my smile or not.

Would you look forward to the compliment

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