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How well is your Spotify?


Gladly with justification ^^

5/5 star choose 32%

4/5 star choose 26%

1/5 star choose 21%

3/5 star choose 16%

2/5 star choose 5%


Use it only on the PC, because it's great. You really find it as good as everything, and the suggestions under "Similar" are mostly suitable.

On the mobile phone thanks to the "Forced Shuffle" in the free version, however, for my purposes completely unfit. But from the age, in which you always and everywhere you have to hear music, I'm lucky out anyway: -)


On the one hand, I like to get it to the other's artists A hunger wage. That's why I usually hear only more friendly artists who do it or so well smaller there I usually buy the CDs


Little distribution to us artists, nothing to be on the other big ones Platforms to music gives, only there is a big part of thePeople.


So first that there is that ever is a great idea. On the PC, however, it is often the case that Spotify simply crashes and I can not open it anymore. Besides, it is a pity that there is no splinter songs, which is also logical, because they are then uploaded by other users who have no right to it, but on, for example, Soundcloud is usually something like that


You can hear as many songs as you want and get beautiful playlists there for every mood and so. Also personalized playlists are enough. The 10 € are definitely worthwhile

How well is your Spotify?

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