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Gay, lesbian, transsexual or BI and hate LGBTQ?


I do it!
What did I do as a bisexual with gay or lesbians?

How do you see it?


I understand what you mean. You do not want to be thrown into a pot with people with whom you have nothing to do. LGBT I would rather refer to a collective term for deviations from the Hetero-CIS standard (I tell Dear Queer) and not as a (entire) group.

However, people often join together to fight for more acceptance (or other things).


Bin Hetero and feel the whole subject extremely annoying. Instead of just living their lives, they bother each one's face. You can not even play more in peace everywhere this stupid flag. Of course, I am that you just let such people do not make their thing but they should not go to the nerves with me.


Bin Hetero and does not like LGBTQ or the extremes, in itself it is good, only unfortunately very many often exaggerate their situation. This pride month alone is made to puke


I'm homo but this "will be proud to be gay / bi / trans ect) annoyes me and with most homos I want me also compared.


Yes, but you can not be very advisable. Who one is queer is already part of a minority that is exposed to a lot of discredit. Who you are bisexual which your sexuality is varied as well as sexuality or also gender identity of other skiers. I myself do not really understand how to do Dan People Dei exactly how to selfSt. Diversity life and therefore discriminated can hate. If it has personal reasons, it could still understand but it is still not okay.

Gay, lesbian, transsexual or BI and hate LGBTQ?

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