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How do I build more contact with classmates?


Hello I'm M 14 And my circle of friends has quite dissolved because of Corona. We are not peaceful :(. I have some good "little" friends in the school with whom I go to the city after the school and I wanted to ask as I could build with these more contact. We understand each other pretty well You are already in a circle of friends and you live further away.
So how could I build more contact with you?


In the school you should just talk a lot with people you like, z. B. in the breaks, in the morning etc. At some point you can suggest something to do after school. For example: A new ice cream parlor opened, do we want to go there today?



Friendly handling and courtesy rich out after the motto ... with the hat in hand you come throughout the country ----> Show As you are in reality, you do not complement you and always think positively ;-). Maybe it just happens over time when you understand well. So I have some friendships closed in my education: one understood well, had shared hobbies and music preferences, IrgEndwann was coming on it, you could do something together, has grilled one came to the other. So it is mostly.

However, I would not recommend you to get you somehow or necessarily want to be there many annoying and do not want it ... It's not very easy to get in existing friends of friends.

Maybe it is quite good that the currently is not that way - you can not get along with anyone; If it fits, then it fits and if not, then not. I could not do with everyone in the Realschule and still caught up.


Simply influences. Just hang together with your friends and friends of your friends. Talk to other peculiarity often, giveTo Irgentwas your mustard, offer your help, etc. You can also simply connect a group of kiddos in your age. Soon, you will hardly save yourself from louder new friends. And is not too demanding in friends selection.

How do I build more contact with classmates?

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