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Huawei P30 Lite, no year old. Battery is empty?


Good evening!

I bought me a Huawei P30 Lite at the end of June 2020 - a great smartphone, I'm very happy with it. I do not really want to change!

For a few weeks, however, the phone has been very slow and the battery is faster than before. I still warranted on the thing - have bought it at an expert specialist shop in the neighboring village, which have a good service. Papers, etc. I have to buy a purchase, everything is there. Phone works great, only the battery annoys - a broken cable I almost exclude.

If a battery falls under the warranty and should I call it?


Maybe you can check what your battery is so installed, maybe an app is. For me it is under Settings / General / Battery & / Battery Usage.


Hello, my first smartphone had the same illness: Always rapidly discharging battery, longer loading times, even shaky contact of the cable (Plastic plug).

Otherwise, I liked the Handi Prima and I would not have wanted to change it. With 149 € it had not been expensive.

Unfortunately, the still ongoing warranty did not extend to the battery.

So I gave birth to a new one new (Samsung Galaxy). The joy of the more comfort made the incomprehension on this unreliability.


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Huawei P30 Lite, no year old. Battery is empty?

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