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How do you get out of this loneliness?


Thank you in advance for all answers.

I'm 27 years old and I'm finished soon with my education with the police.

My problem is the following. I've never had a girlfriend, or any girlfriend with women. Am still virgin, untimed, never held hands.

Never had a friendly contact with women. I'm generally very shy towards women.

I have no friends. I mean I have never been invited to my entire leisure alone, nobody calls or writes.

The colleagues are just the colleagues. They have their own friends of earlier of school hours etc, many have girlfriends.

That's why I have already had to meetIl I was afraid that a friend coming and there is my social anxiety when women are full there.

I've made an appointment with a psychologist.

But maybe someone is similar here or knows people and can tell about what's about success stories in this direction.

Sometimes never find a girlfriend. Which I will never marry children, although I wish that very much.

And also how to build a circle of circle from 0 on the other hand, I find extremely difficult because most of them already their consolidated circles have.


If you reject meet, of course you will learn no one. Make little courage every day. You do not have to find the woman for life now, but change some words with any people. As a police officer, you have to be constantly addressing people. Why is that? As a police officer, you are probably a lot of athletic. Since you can go to a sports club. It is important that you are celebrating your little successes and are satisfied with you, if you dared again, to address someone. Even if you are rejected, this is a success. Because you can only be rejected if you dared something. Then you're further than now.


Do you have a bad / no relationship with your mUtter had?

How do you get out of this loneliness?

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