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2 years old difference?



I am now 18 years old and my girlfriend is now 16. We are determined as for each other and love us over everything and are always there for each other. She is my dream woman and I am your dream man and if we would separate (which will not happen anyway), then I could not give a relationship with another. We are inseparable, but still we keep our relationship secret. So what's secret, only the teacher and our class knows about it, as the age difference is gross.

Because I grow up with 18 and you still minors ...

A colleague of mine had something with a younger and became (for fun, but TRZD) as a pedo, etc. .. designated.

But she is much more mature than onDere girls at their age. She is probably more mature than me. I can tell her everything and she always listens to me and is infinitely nice and has a heart of gold ...

But as I said, otherwise nobody knows about this relationship and we will not follow us on Insta or So ...

Do you think we should keep the relationship secret?

The age difference is OK Choose 100%

The difference is too big choose 0%


Do not worry the age difference is not just ok but even very suitable. Secret you would not have to hold you for this reason. Is a FIVK in the opinion of others if you love you. Good luck continues to you


This is a very low age difference.

Most 16-year-old girls are too ripe to give themselves with 18 years of guys.

And you are already very immature.

Pedophiles are interested in children before the sexual maturity. Without pubic hair and breasts.

In D you are sexually fühl from the 14th birthday. D.H. One may with each person who also have at least 14 sex.

also with a 100-year-old.

This is very ridiculous what you are thererepresents.


2 years is not great. There are those in your age who have a 14 year old girlfriend. Do not worry, you can "publish it quietly"


Two years I do not find much, and if you are a few years older that no one will find more exceptionally. My parents would have found it as I was 16 was probably not bad if I had had an 18-year-old friend, as long as you realize that we understand each other well and did not get one of the other there somehow.


Hey I find your age did not mind. It is. Only two years. That's true you are growing but that's not bad either. As you talk about them then she has to have something bbe itondes. So do not worry

2 years old difference?

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