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Friend insulted because first time failed?


Hello dear,

My friend and I have tried several times to have our first time, but unfortunately did not work. I found myself remaining forever virgin and told him after the last attempt that I do not want to touch from him in the future. But he still tried to kiss me, so I expressly said to him that I do not want any touches from him and now he has not reported to me for days. Is he mad for the failed first time? Or because of something else?

His last message was: "I love you, but I need time for me now," then he blocked me. I do not know what to mean?! Nobody does in his apartment. The neighbors SAGen, they would not have seen him for a while! Will he ghost me now? Did I lost him?! However, a gift from him came with the post office. I'm so confused


Why did not you want any more touches from him? Do you think he did something wrong, that it did not work? It sounds a bit after absorption, if you tell him that you do not want to touch his touches.

That has hurt him and he retreats, I suspect that. He wants to think and maybe he is looking for the blame for failing now.

You are both involved, you too. Maybe it should not be? Maybe there was too much pressure on your first time?

He says it clearly, he loves you, but now he needs time for himself. He sent you a gift that confirms his feelings again. But now he also leave the time - for what he's for her forR takes it. I can honestly understand him.

A tip is always to pay attention to what you say in what ways to the other. Even men / boys are sensitive beings. If he has taken your words seriously, then your relationship may be over.


He is probably angry and disappointed that you do not want any touches (either sexually) because only the sex does not want had worked. In my opinion understandable. He finally, as a friend he also wants to touch and kiss, otherwise you do not need a relationship.

Let him best at rest when you stay with your opinion.


Well, not to allow a friend a kiss, is a great dealDemands. If that would make a girl with me, I would just think my part and finish the relationship as uncomplicated as possible.


There are enough other men I think if already 3 years Wait (see question before) And you still have to beg something to vote.

I assume that the impotent is or handed to itself too often and thus no feelings can develop more.

See a different friend. Outdoors run millions of single rum. The first big love often does not work is completely normal Even with me it took a long time to find the right woman.

Otherwise go from Make me because of an onS Tamara

Only because the first time failed is HEDo not eat that you will stay forever virgin. I would also feel very hurt if my partner would be like that as you are dealing with him. He can not say that that first time did not work out for this has no fault.

I would apologize to him.

Friend insulted because first time failed?

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