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Why am I so stupid?


Hi people

I have become 18 years and can not identify me with my earlier I.

I just missed my whole youth, so from 13 years so far, as I was extreme unhappy and sad and did not get anything on the series. In the whole village one knows me as the largest jerk and I think that my IQ is well below the average.

Because I have not completed any education and flew out of school. Other children of my age are successful. But I have not had a single success until now, really, I only waved. I am the definition of a loter.

My defense maybe I can say that I had a bad childhood because my parents only constantly aM were arguing and hated and have not got anything on the series. The word "education" is my parents a foreign word but I do not want to go closer to it now.

Although my parents obviously have made more false in education, I was just too stupid to do something. I have always hidden my problems. Maybe today I would be on the right path when I had friends, whom I could have told that. But my character is just the most boring thing there is and my appearance worse. I was just the ugliest in every class so far.

If I look at myself in the mirror in the mirror, a lot of hatred me. I am very disappointed with me and that I can not kanN and from me will be nothing. My parents are not proud of me either. But at least I do not smoke and take no drugs.

But how should my life continue now? Although I have found a training place, but I do not know if I will do that. In addition, I will never find a partner or have a happy and satisfied life. Does it make sense to live an unhappy life?

Thank you


Your parents are now responsible for what happened. Now you are 18 and it's up to you the best of doing it.

If you are slim, you will find a friend with a lot of effort (stroke) a friend or several. Even pretty are possible. Solo men have a bonus in girls So make your husband and talk to girls

Make your education or talk to the parents that they finance you a degree. Studies can be found hard a job. Your education is safe.

For friends it is probably really too late. Make sure that all friendships are going on in professional life. Just be open and talk to the people. Even if I do not believe it, never say never to friendships.


First of all, I'm sorry that your childhood was so bad. However, you have to stay strong!

First, do not pull yourself down. Never refer to yourself as stupid, just because others have reached more than you have it.

Second, do not let your head hang. Take your thing through and learn independently how to lead z.B a shop. At some point you open a shop of your choice and then the others are only so gloss.

Thirdly: Take advantage of the "excuse" that you had a bad childhood. It is not an excuse.

(therefore in "")

For your parents have argued and they have not paid attention, you can not do anything. Parents are a very important BESTender part in life that teach you how you have to do something. If you learn all the self-employed, you realize how smart and good you are actually!

And it's very good that you can realize that drugs and cigarettes, not good for you.

I hope I could help.

LG and good luck!


Since you realize now, you could make an effort to give your best in the profession and vocational school. And at home, learn more about the Internet or books.

Because it only needs you and your effort.

Everything from the past would only be excused to make an effort.

Roasted pigeons do not fly in the mouth. You can wait a long time.


With your spelling, you cancel yourself from the average of this forum. So you can not be such a jerk. I believe that you can hang yourself on the one hand and, on the other, nobody who promotes you.

Try to make you. It is not late to do a reasonable degree late.

And at all: SCHEI ** But what the others say.


You have it yourself in my hand. If you notice things that feel wrong, you can change them now. Surely it could be different if the past would be different. But she is not. Start and make it better.

Why am I so stupid?

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