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Have you ever talked to your parents about masturbation?


I never, I'll never choose 70%

Yes Choose 17%

No Choose 7%

God, how embarrassing, no! CHOOSE 4%

Once choose 2%

Never like embarrassing choose 0%

Not really choose 0%


Yes, normal that there is. However, of course, I do not go to details that it would be too intimate. But we're loosely talking about it and make jokes


Parents Nobody needs (emotional)
If you only need for: food, water because you are not yet able to possibly be able to possibly
Rest: Bye.


I could always talk about everything with my mother.

We have a great relationship with each other.


is a very unpleasant topic of conversation I find. Luckily, it was never necessary because the internet is doing a good reconnaissance work here.


with my mother ever so generally but never something personal that wEven just nothing I want to tell my mother. You take jokes over it and but otherwise.

PS: actually wanted to "not really" click on

Have you ever talked to your parents about masturbation?

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