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Do you like to be naked?


Do you like to be naked?

And where then and alone or with whom?

Write how old you are whether you are a girl or boy


Yes Mega like to be so warm, especially now. Of course, preferably at home, but I was already more common at the fkk ... I go super openly open


Yes, It does not bother me. Coming on with my mum and sister or girlfriend and friends. At the nudist or sauna or something. I am 15



With us in the family all run around in underwear. If my friend is not there, my girls run naked around.

FKK I also like

W, 38

LG, LIN <3


Yes, alone in the garden or on the lake (usually not alone).


alone, if no one sees me. Otherwise I'm too shy and get SCHnell a latte.

Do you like to be naked?

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