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Why can many Arab fathers do not express their love?


Do not understand me wrong, I know my father loves me and he is always there for me and he is really the best. Only I think Arab fathers (with us) are very strict and he often screams or he can not really say "I love you" or take one in his arm, that he has rarely made in all my life. I realize that in other ways, and so paradox also sounds that he is so strict, eg what school is concerned, that he says I should have better grades, etc and there is also angry when I'm a 4 or 5 home Bring because I'm just important to him.

But it really makes me very sad; that he can express his love only by this rather aggressive way. Do you understand ? Why is that


mostly due to a learned "masculination".

Could you tell him that you would like to be taken in his arms? Some older men sometimes have inhibitions at their sons, because they somehow communicate with homosexuality or feel, body contact of father and son would be inappropriate. Maybe you would have to talk to him with him.

There are certainly families in which one does not say each other that one loves to be saved for the romantic partnership. By contrast, it is often difficult.


A human being, which I honestly love, that feels very clear. Since I do not even have to say (although I do not shy myself)"I love you". And that affects the woman just like the children.

As a father, I was also very strict, but just and always loving


Our fathers are often often their love is real. My Baba and I often had quarrels and conflicts until he apologized to me and said that he loves me a lot. I love my Baba ❤️


In which respect is very important.

Especially at Clan Upper Head in Turkey, for example. The oldest son becomes the next head of the family. He has to be raised hard and must not lose his respect.

But that does not apply to everyone


Because the expression of love is not to yourMacho worldview fits. Arab fathers have been trimmed by their culture since their birth on patriarchy. Since the show of love and affection has no place. That's why she never learned it.

Why can many Arab fathers do not express their love?

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