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What sexuality do you have (only from interest)?


For some they are not clear:

Hetero (attraction to the other gender)

Homo (attraction for the same gender)

PAN (attraction to all sexes)

BI (attraction for female and male gender)

ASExual (no interest in sexual actions)

Poly (attraction to several person simultaneously)

Me I am Pan or Bi (I'm still unsure) but we accept only positive feedback in this answer

Hetero Choose 35%

Homo Choose 21%

Bi Choose 15%


Others (WEChoose 8%

Poly Choose 4%

Pan Choose 2%


Hetero, or the subcategory Superstraight. The idea Superstraight can not count as its own sexuality, but as a subcategory of heterosexuality, I had myself. That makes sense because the "Straight" in "Superstraight" states that the person is Hetero, so it makes more sense of simply a subcategory close.


m / mid 20

hard to say. I was already very confused in the course of my life about my sexual orientation. And I'm doing back and forth between different assumptions, which is quite exhausting.

I have no sexual or romantic interest in women. Already more men. I have a "type" that suits me in photos. There is also Ein a fictional man in which I am in love. Real men do not attract me and I have no desire or joy of sex with a man. That's why I've called myself as asexual . In addition, I could still give me the hardly known label " homo-fiktophil , since I have a sexual interest in men, but only to fictional.

But that's what I come to Not only have sexual fantasies with that fictional man, but also with indefinite girls and boys at the age of 1-7 years, of course, is obviously Pedophile . I'm not sure if this is just a sexual interest. That I have only fantasies, but no interest in real children. To find out if I have sex with an adult manI can enjoy it just tried it - this is of course absolutely not to the debate in terms of children, so it's harder to find out for me. Currently, I have the impression that I am already much more interested in real children than in adult men.

Ultimately, however, it is not important which label I should quickly press. The main thing I am happy and have a fulfilled sexuality and that meets both :)


Hetero, but I supporter LGBTQ + definitely. I think everyone should just love the one, with whom he / she is happy and there it does not matter what sex he or she has. Or with which sex it or he identifies.

I also think people who are as "supersTraight "call, just transhob! A Transmann is a real man and a trans woman a real woman. "Superstraight" is not sexuality, in my opinion.


Since I do not move myself in the binary system and the divisions can only be difficult to understand: Queer.

"Poly" does not have IMA in the enumeration To look for this form of sexuality, just like asexual because the opposite would be allosexual and there are different combinations. But this is not enough here and probably not the right place.

I'm Queer and Polyamor, but can lead monogame relationships if I want.


and Herero Romantic.

I found NocH never sagging a person sexually. Or that I would have been interested in sexual actions with someone.

What sexuality do you have (only from interest)?

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