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Is that a phase or am I bi or gay?


Hello my name is Jacob, I am 19 years and I hope you can help me?

So I'm 19 and have never had a friend, but I wish a decent relationship with a girl for years. A few days ago I suddenly had the question in my head: "How is it homosexual to be?" Since then I get the whole thing out of my head, I find women attractive and in men I have no idea. I always dreamed of a house and family with a woman. Now I'm afraid of my feelings, because of course I want the whole thing still. Is that a sudden phase or remains the whole, I felt panic when I think about it. Is the whole thing very normal? I'm scared and hope you can help me.
PS. I do not want to make fun of a funny etc.


Nobody but you can tell you if you are hetero, bi or homo. That's one thing you have to find out yourself. You are not finished with 19 with the puberty and just get to know yourself and your body. It is therefore quite normal for you to ask for such questions and are unsure. Some are very early awake that they are not hetero. Others find it out later, some even only with 30 or 40. For me it was z. For example, that I was about in your age as I found out that I'm BI. Meanwhile, it is clear that it has already given much earlier signs. I can only advise you, do not worry about you. Stay relaxed and let yourself be guided by your heart. Ifyou are bi, you are just bi. If you're Homo, then you're Homo - Well and?

Today, it is not the case that you could not still fulfill its dream of family and house as a homosexual. Maybe in a different way than originally planned, but of course you can also start a family in a homosexual relationship.

Is there concrete signs that you may be bi or homo?


Your fears are unfounded, you dream of family life. Only because you have found a suitable woman for private or professional reasons, where you can imagine a family founding, it does not mean that it does not come. A homosexual realizes pretty muchEarly, which he is different in many things and an asexual no partner needs to be happy, which needs genetically only good friends (Platonic) to sex is an asexual not interested and is more of a hermit.






You are 19, it is certainly a phase.

Village you are also looking for an inner excuse because you did not have a girlfriend. But that's not bad, find a partner should not be age-dependent.

Go to the search, where there are more relaxation.

Your heart tells you where you will feel attracted , if necessary, your 'heart' further below the middle of the body.


From me you get a more conservative answer here ....:

on every FAll you should take all your longing for a family seriously.

Try to reach this with a woman, because I think you would possibly regret it later if you do not have this. However, as a man, as a man, in later life, have the opportunity to witness children, while in women over 40 rather the clock expires.

Sexual desire for men (I suppose it's all about it) Nevertheless, but that is not comparable to deep love and a family founding in hetero relationship.

It could scare women if you have something with men, not every woman would tolerate it. But do you have to live every imagination?

Do you want to look at the dating sites with types with types with 40?

That can only be used for youHim, but if you want a classic family, then you have to do something for that.

Love and family also means a certain waiver of the egoist to live up all possible shoots .... at least you should say to your partner if you want to have sex with men on the side. Tony Tony Below a type, I can not for the profile picture. I would simply recommend the people to go to the psychiatrist and let themselves go normally. For psychic diseases, no one can have something hypochondria, can not do anything and go to Doc soon. There can be helped namely.

Is that a phase or am I bi or gay?

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