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I'm bored, what can I do?

  1. Play a Computer Game
  2. Learning something new
  3. Paint
  4. Walking
  5. 100 Making Pushups
  6. Go to Altenheim and play there with the inhabitants Bingo
  7. Youtube turn on, watch craft ideas and imitate something
  8. Sleeping
  9. Cleaning some delicious cooking or baking
  10. Singing
  11. Dancing
  12. Clean up
  13. The wardrobe
  14. Clean up the cellar
  15. place in the sun
  16. Play football
  17. Netflix and chilling
  18. The fire alarms test if they still work
  19. Make and edit photos (from flowers, for example)
  20. Things to EBAy Classified
  21. Cleans your room around
  22. Games Minecraft
  23. Look the movie "The Book of Henry" (Amazon Prime)
  24. Employ yourself with Tiktok
  25. Reading Harry Potter Become Fan and ...
  26. ... Write fan fiction (Can you then like to send me for reading)
  27. Try to watch the movie "Old"
  28. Look at Chinchilla pictures
  29. Or cats
  30. Bastele a caterpillar made of paper
  31. Observed Animals
  32. Go to a forum for mothers and ask how much beer a baby may.
  33. Visit the "Kuku Kube" page
  34. See the documentation "The Pyramids Lie"
  35. Learn the difference between "that" and "that" and bring this others People at (the world thanks you)
  36. Look"The strange case of the Benjamin Button"
  37. or the film "Forgotten"
  38. or "freaks"
  39. but also "Mother"
  40. ; Smartphone as a second screen, with Spacedesk
  41. Make a funny rap, as Einstein would rappen (or something)
  42. The page vo.Codes here will give you your text to me voices from celebrities
  43. Or you go to "essaytypic-point com" this page creates automatic essays, which you can spontaneously present your neighborhood
  44. deal with your pet
  45. Make Yoga
  46. With ZamZAR point-com convert files, just as fun
  47. Sodaptf-point-com / Unlock PDF just visit and change PDF
  48. on send-anywhere-point com there kaDo you see very large files as a mail and annoy people
  49. Look "Angel of Mine" but in 1.5 times speed
  50. Games Pokemon
  51. Learn raindrops realistic (goes with a pencil in about 10 minutes)
  52. Take a spoon and bend it to jewelry
  53. Learn an instrument
  54. games with a game console
  55. Try to build a tower from household items
  56. Go dry online shops, instead of buying to buy, add the stuff to your wish list
  57. Take a few glasses and make music
  58. Games Tik-Tak-Too Online or Chess
  59. Make a schnitzel from flour, Seitan, the guide you can find in the network
  60. Make your own LOgo from Tailorbrands
  61. Go on AutoDraw Point Com and let yourself be surprised
  62. or do you know Snazzy-point-AI
  63. Tests to learn new nodes, Ian nodes For example,
  64. Look on the Webside Radio Garden There you see all the radio stations in the world
  65. Listen Radio (also goes from DA)
  66. Programming Learn
  67. Alternative point Net, where you will find free alternatives for all sorts of programs, and therefore ....
  68. ... Digital Drawing
  69. ... or image processing
  70. AkKountkiller, delete Akkounts that you no longer need
  71. Male a bee and post them for forwarding in all networks to attentive to the hailing
  72. Make a slime and games DamiT
  73. Use motionleep
  74. Mach Ne Insta-Story
  75. Games the game Dorfromantik
  76. Make salt dough and model something
  77. Read the book "The Ghost House of Isabell Allende"
  78. or Uncle Toms Hütte
  79. or the old man and the sea (there is everything at Amazon)
  80. Train training
  81. How often can you throw something in the air and catch again
  82. Already a Usely Machine built?
  83. Make a water ice cream from juice
  84. Write a letter to yourself and bring him to the post office
  85. Make the Oven clean
  86. Learn a poem, backwards
  87. Go to a forum for dog owners, post a picture of a young bear and questionE What a dog breed that is, you claimed the animal in Russia bought for only 10 euros
  88. Male your hands and games finger theater, suppose it.
  89. Use your body as a drum for Rammstein Songs
  90. Plane the food for the entire next week
  91. Chat with a friend ... But only a lyrics no matter what he answers
  92. Call a random phone number and show the time how long you can keep them on the phone
  93. Make small gifts in front of the doors of your neighbors, knock on, and run away
  94. Fold a toilet paper flower
  95. Make a picture of noodles
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Rausse with friendsHEN

Listen to Music

Go shopping




Telen with friends or snapes

Spend time with Family

Farad ride

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  • Series / Movies / Anime Look
  • Looking YT
  • Zock
  • Go out
  • Write with friends


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I'm bored, what can I do?

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