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Is it racist to name this pen skin color?


On the other hand, there is a petition to change it and the thinking the signatures on the Internet

not racist choose 81%

racist choose 19%

That is not racist, because it is yes (in about) skin color. Just because there are other skin colors, it does not say that this pen suddenly does not skin color. It is just not the skin color, but also a skin color. This video might be interested in the coarse theme.


That's not racist As long as you do not look this color as the only skin color. May be that the color was always called so called but there are tons of different shades that you could call skin color. Can also say beige instead. Do you call a brown tone just as skin color when eS should be used as a skin color, it is not a problem I find.


This is completely obsolete, it does not make any sense logically. These are apricot or beige tones, it can not only give a skin color. With clear sense of understanding, the stop is simply inappropriate. And just because you get used to it is not right for a long time. Always critically question things that are self-evident and pleasant for one are important.


It would be advisable to offer a set of skin colors to counteract that

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