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Do you have an enemy?


Do you have an enemy in your life? An archetone?


No, I have no archefeinde. People who do not do me well are no longer in my area, so I feel much better. But I do not see them as enemies, sometimes they are simply living conditions, or changes that can not be harmonized together. That's why it does not need to be an enmity. Besides, I believe that such negative feelings beat on their own soul and you feel themselves and feel good,


No! Although there are people on their society I can do without, but I do not design them as a fine.


In my home, there were at least people who could not stand me and showed that openly. One even has a murder thighLet Ng be aligned, which was also directed against my girlfriend. But he mentally has a macke and fell against others as well. So real enemies ... I do not believe, rather cutters and people who hated me or do it. Trigger for this are low grounds, primarily that I returned from the honorary office and left the municipal policy others and no longer played the trash can for every dödel, where he disassembles his crap. They did not realize that I had my own head with mid-20 and did not manipulate me anymore.

Those who are looking for enemies or clear enemies or enemies that are victims in truth, who only does that only because he is dissatisfied with herself. Only those who sitting in the dirt can also throw with dirt. WEIf I look at my "opponents" from the home, all the people who have all the reason to be dissatisfied or secured. Since I am not the only "enemy", which are against many others, which in your opinion go better. After the motto: If it is other worse after you defame it, it's better one yourself.


Not really, have never heard of it anyway. I try to realize well with my fellow human beings and avoid quarrels as far as possible.

Do you have an enemy?

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