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What do you have no understanding in life for?


In this day and age where do you understand understanding and tolerance for everything and everyone, there is certainly things for what you have no understanding for?

Can you say you kindly with what you have no understanding at all?


Medium gourmets and people at 5 pm in a 50s zone with 30 driving because there hanging a shield that makes the 50s to the 30s zone between 7-15 o'clock.

Ne fun. Actually, I think nothing now. I do not care about what other people have for problems as long as there is no one out of my environment. Sure, things that do not go, like bullying and racism, should not get tolerance.

This gender I find something overhead and sometimes somewhat exaggerated. But honestly it does not bother me. I do not always have to listen :)


"What do you have no understanding in life?"

  1. If really mass drivers in the village clearly fast Schneldriving as 50 km / h and otherwise continuously pass on the actual speed limit and also others who hold on the speed limits and / or anhuppen after the motto "FAIR finally faster".
  2. If people at all stop no distance and, although one should actually hold at least 1.5 meters distance,, for example, at the cash register in the supermarket close behind a places, so that you even even the disgusting halitosis of the person behind a smell
  3. Bullying of all kinds
  4. Likewise, I have no understanding that still weapons and arms exports are promoted by politics, as well as participations in military operations abroad.
  5. I do not have a violateNorth that some and apparently do not demand a few tolerance for pedophilia and soarm this terrible inclination so far.
  6. This whole genderei. Just exaggerated and annoying.
  7. People, the others simply push and touch them because of every little bit. Screaming and snouts is just asocial and promotes significantly more toxic aerosols and by the way also CO2.
  8. That politics, etc., has extended the admission of the toxin glyphosate for another 5 years.
  9. Stupid answers, e.g. asking for the question "How are you?" In response "How should I go to me ..." You can only answer with "good, thank you" etc., or even in many other areas, e.g. If someone asks a colleague a bit and the /which then gives a full stupid and bitching answer. No understanding of such behaviors!
  10. that animals of many, and era. Religions, but also states, inferior as people are regarded and treated. Even animals can feel and communicate, just a difference than man!
  11. Any violence against children
  12. Hilually and legalizations of religious circumcisions. These are bad personal injuries and does not work !!

Greetings Nicofffan



Racism, bullying etc. Actually, I have nothing to understand what others hurt and do not understand how to be as arrogant to think that you are better than others ..


I canN thus life that people also believe nonsense. But I have no understanding if nonsens' faith affects everyday life. Example: If someone believes that black cats bring harm, then that's his thing. But if I need a plumber and that does not seem, because a black cat runs over the way, then listen to my understanding (tolerating).

But with me it is not (only) Black cats, but about various lived nonsense, which can encounter everywhere and became a considerable part even to the cult (ismen and as counterpart anti-ismas, in which the boundaries to genuine mental illnesses more and more blurred).


always take the others for the pretext, not even the directionDo I have to do .....

What do you have no understanding in life for?

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