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Did you have any idea since Pegida & others, which motifs could have led to the


No Choose 82%

Yes Choose 18%


What does Pegida have to do with "idea" or not to do Kennedies's murder?,

perpetrators and backgrounds of the Kennedy Attentate are still controversial. It was believed that Lee Harvey Oswald shot him on behalf of the Communists, then you suddenly wanted to know that several perpetrators were involved in the murder. However, there were no sound forensic evidence.

Wikipedia writes:

"After annual gallup surveys since 1963, only between 10 and 36% of the US citizens surveyed (2013: 30 %) To a single-instrument. 50 to 81% (2013: 61%) believed in several perpetrators, most of which suspected the mafia as the client. The percentage parts for the individual theses have been steadily since 2001rose steadily for the multi-forcethesis. "

In other words, you do not know anything exactly - or does not want to know it.

And from what the Pentagon nothing or supposedly nothing knows , those who vote here with "yes", naturally nothing can also know.


Who killed JFK is still a class of action. The evidence that it is about their own Intelligence, at least are not to be denied by hand.

The killing of JFK was also a planned assassination, which has been carried out penibel.

Pegida is indignant citizens who demonstrate. Even if on some events Galngenmänchen or mitigating pictures of the publicSones have been shown, this is not an indication of a true violence in the form of an assassination. It is more of an indication after a request for legal work-up.

The difference between an executed assassination, and the demonstration of an outraged population group, could hardly serve for the construction of a common denominator.


JFK was not killed by rage citizens, but probably by their own secret service or the mafia.

And so excellent he was not to arrive at a nuclear war and several times the sovereignty of Cuba violates, only to be able to sit in the executive chair.


I can now imagine thanks to Pegida, as in the 30s to climb the nAtional Socialism has come. Luckily, however, the mass of the people has become wiser.


I only know that JFK reigned the monetary system and wanted to fire a certain intelligence chief. He was then murdered and both of his efforts were discarded. The monetary system remained private and the boss remained boss.

Did you have any idea since Pegida & others, which motifs could have led to the killing of such an excellent president like JFK?

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