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Would you like to have an emperor?


For example, as in the Netherlands or Great Britain.

No Choose 78%

Yes Choose 22%


If at all, then a Kaiserschmarren and a good pot of coffee.

These herb monarchies were something for the people to talk to entertainment, otherwise they swallowed a pile of tax money. Wilhelm II moved to Fuenfmal on the day, partly in fantasy uniforms, this greatest performance of him has remained metabtically and the ranking around his age-of-retirement, through his affiliated, on Doorn in Holland. No thanks.


By the way, neither the Netherlands nor England have an emperor.

The Kingdom of the Netherlands has little surprisingly a king, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Only one country part is from England, has a queen.


HoHenzollern and the Habsburgs had their chances until 1918. They have stylized it and are past.


We have a Federal President. This has the advantage that one, it should be a egg file after 5 years in the desert can send, at the latest he is away after 10 years. An emperor, king or whatever we will not go so easily.


Actually I do not care but do not

Would you like to have an emperor?

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