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What do you think and in Germany bad / murely / annoying / negative?


And why?


Since Adenauer, since Adenauer, the Fertilietetets rate of Germans has grossly treasured and now at once the 22 million pensioners are negatively accumulating, because those and less workflowers are opposite.

Rents Through the ceiling and for many famiiia, particularly single parents, a survival strap.

Meet the pensioners all pay for all from 2040 taxes because they slip through the Cold Progression there.

The tax already begins with under 10 thousand euros with 14% far too early and is now considered, the respective profits of the milliardaere etc. also to be taxed with 14%, because these people struck themselves before that.

It would be a long list, with the prosperity index of theGermans are the 10th. Place in the world indicated with falling tendency.

This is not attending, but you can get rid of the USA, once with sanctions and the request to raise the Wehretat, meanwhile burning elsewhere.


I find it animal annoying that the love of Germany, political and economical, always means we are the best around the world. We do everything we can, we can not tell us, we know everything we mean constantly to patronize other states, we constantly make unique gears in environmental protection and constantly emit arrogance inevitably. There is e.g. the Japanese of being much more modest and restrained, but in many things as Forschride and still durable.

Sarah Really improvement I find that there is too much bureaucracy in Germany.

Everything else, which is not optimal, Empty from individual cases to individual cases more times less, or in other countries at least as bad as in D.

Hilda My opinion !!! The pensioner have their lives long and fought for this country and then barely supported pension, and they hardly support them. The rapist partly only 2 years jail and rarely be released because they are mentally ill / were . We are incredibly much taxes and nurse, firefighters / women, elderly careHe's just too little paid for what they do. I see the Hat already come, but people .... It's my opinion! Remains friendly :) Sheri people who (supposed) know everything better and want to split every little raisin. Who have no other hobbies than to go to the mind other with their magnificent scale. Give on this platform.

What do you think and in Germany bad / murely / annoying / negative?

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