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Did you like the Lockdowns a lot?


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Hello Mittenwald68,


I have not seen my son working in Thailand for almost two years.

We have a very big family that we have not seen many months.

The friends were also very tapped.

I missed the physical proximity to my loved ones.

A carefree stroll, restaurants and beer garden, just life.



I did not find it bad now. Homeschooling has taken much less time than right to go to school and my notes have not suffered. In general, I have no problem with being alone. Was a lot on the PC and have a few new thingsmade and tried. Was actually a good time when I think so, even if I did not get out so much


No, I seem to be able to judge my symptoms to judge depression, have sleep problems, I became Psyschich very irritable. I lost the hope of life, but otherwise I'm fine.


No. The "Lockdown" was clearly one of the best things that ever happened to me.


, however. Made less sports because the gyms were closed.

Did you like the Lockdowns a lot?

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