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What do you think of Donald Trump?


I hate and despise him. CHOOSE 43%

SO CHOOSE is 18%

I like him. Choose 14%

I hate him. Choose 11%

He is by far the best president of the world. Choose 7%

I love him. Choose 4%

He does not interest me. Choose 4%


He has been performing from Kim Jong Un.
He has been manipulated by Putin.
He is Dümmer as George W. Bush
He is not even A good businessman (several bankrupts placed).
He despises women.
He has brought heavily criminals from prison.
He has spread over 20,000 lies.
He has many Americans through his false corona politics Under the earth brought.

But otherwise he is a great guy.


I do not hate him because I do not know him personally but despise him already



I like the Donald. He is a very good speaker and entertainer. Alone that with the wall is ne number xD. I think his slogan "makeAmerica Great Again "Just good.

We would have a German Trump then I would choose him. But I can understand his opponents but also.

Lg, Lin <3


Hello Interrogatore!

Worst President by far the USA ever had.

Trump has a narcissistic personality disorder.

His niece Mary Trump, today Phrase clinical psychologist, writes in a book:

He is a man without conscience and without empathy

This is the most dangerous person in the world

I wish you one Beautiful and stress poor week.


The man has no concept of truth. "Truth is what fits in the stuff" / "I'll make me the world as you give mefalls ". This attitude poisones the political and social climate. Scientists are no longer heard, everything in the press is not per Trump, is suddenly" Fake News ". Suddenly we have a US president who swaded about it as it would be to splash the disinfectant against Covid.

and then this constant name calling. "Crooked Hillary", "Sleepy Joe", "Pocahontas" - Something has nothing to look for in politics. That's our shit .

What do you think of Donald Trump?

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