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Would you abolish bullfights?


Since her for or against bullfights?

I am absolutely against bullfights, because ... Choose 93%

I am because ... Choose 5%

abstention. Choose 3%

Anders Choose 0%


The only positive is that the bulls in the first five or six years a very nice and free life lead better than most farm animals here that they stay wild. Bullfighting itself I do not like that because the animals are killed here for the amusement of these landscapes in which the bulls live but especially with the money get the bullfights bring. Or the bulls are kept and get.

But I would rather pay something to see these bulls and some other animals in these landscapes. But it would not be missing at some point that you have to kill what it does not have to be too many but then better quickly.


I think it's okay if human sich to measure against person, that is a free decision which of the bull has not, as a bullfighting is also quite unfair, tired several armed against one and the bull with handicaps. There is nothing noble on it.


It's cruelly to kill animals. The people who want to do that only power and fame. They want to listen to the applause they get when the fight is over. This is the goal of the fighters fighting against the bull. Besides, the poor bull does not know what to do now. He stands in an arena and is killed so other people have fun to see him.

Bullfights do not go! LG Dudeldadeldi

(sorry for my applied answer. I'm just angry with the people who have funMakes to kill stulls for fame and power)


... the animal is unnecessarily tormented. It's all about bringing the bull as suffering as possible. Sad that such things are taking place especially in civilized states, of which you should not expect something like that.


The poor bulls. Can certainly be peaceful. So you should not treat animals. People do not want to be treated as well.

Would you abolish bullfights?

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