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What are the people of babies sweet?


I can not understand why many people find babies sweet. I feel nothing at their sight and does not want to have a single one.


When I was young, I could not do anything with babies. Only when I had one thing himself changed that. Already the smell or smile conjure me a smile now.


I find babies rather disgusting. But I can imagine that people find babies "sweet" because they have not come to the big-wide world. For other animals in nature, the affection of parents is also to be observed due to the sweetness.


The child's scheme. Facts across species. Exceptions confirm the rule.


Babies awkward probably with many the protector instinct.

Whether babies are sweet or less sweet, there are the opinions apart.


I do not understand either. But other people will not understand how to find, as I can, for example, animal babies sweet

What are the people of babies sweet?

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