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What will your next phone going?


What will your next phone get another mobile phone brand or stay with what you have now?

Samsung Choose 50%

Apple (iPhone) Choose 23%

Other mobile phone brand CHOOSE 12%

Xiaomi Choose 8%

Huawei Choose 4%


Honor Choose 0%


So I'm currently satisfied with my OPPO genuine, blatant price performance and an operating system with many extra features, but a bit confusing. But actually a real insider tip.

Can I imagine to buy one again. Although I will definitely keep an eye on other brands in any case, e.g. Google pixel, Xiaomi, or maybe it will also be a change again n iPhone. Ka, but I'm sustainable and use this good Oppo is now so long, it's only about NEM 3/4 year


With the Samsung Phones I am familiar . But so fast there will be no new; I have the present (Galaxy A5) for exactly 2 years.

The display was exchanged because it is a SPRGet got and then slowly discolored the whole screen black.

Then the one speaker for the phone does not work anymore, but the other still and when I can turn on the switching I can call normal.

And last but not least, there is still the completely cushioning back where the glass is already missing and it is therefore only a plastic film which has rolled up by the in-the-pocket plugs and And the phone is no longer covered. Thus, the mobile phone is no longer waterproof and you can also remove the cover easily and has been pressed on it.

Oh yes, once the battery had a loose contact and the phone has always switched off in shocks, but I could do that miFix Ttel's piece of paper yourself.

Down, it felt felt endless, from about 1m height. Damage, it has only 2 times, once the broken display (replaced) and once the back cover (not exchanged, since unnecessary XD)

The funny is if you only see the front of my mobile phone, you could believe it Brand new. If you only see the back, you could think it's located in the attic for years. So I could confuse some people, but also that it's two-tone XD. Originally the phone was black in the color. When the display was exchanged (and the frame), this was only stock in white, so I have the white installed. However, I have the covers for SIM / SD card slots the old ones in SCHwarz used. I have to look, maybe I dye the covers Turquoise or so XD

LG Royer


Have just a Samsung and I am very satisfied Apple gets out anyway because me IOS Kacke Find Oppo and Honor are just more brands with flights from flight phones and Huawei I had one where I was not so peace


Samsung has really disappointed me with the S21.

Therefore, it has become a 12%.

maybe again at the 22er.


Stay at Apple. In my opinion is most comfortable


What will your next phone going?

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