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How do you find the idea that vaccinated and greeting in classrooms do not have


I have already heard the proposal of some pages.

It is argued as follows:

  1. An infection with the virus and a corresponding retransmission is low due to this group law. (That's why there's no longer a test obligation anymore)
  2. Masks are not pleasant to wear, especially in summer over a longer period of time.
  3. Control is uncomplicated because vaccinated and geneses would not have to be tested by proof of there anyway. Say one knew without effort, who belongs to the two GS.

How do you see that? I'm looking forward to every voice, but also about answers.

No, I'm full. choose56%

Yes, I'm full of it. Choose 32%

I have a different opinion. Choose 6%

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Especially children and adolescents are almost at no time at no endangered by the virus. Whether vaccinated or unvoved makes no difference here. If only vaccinated students were free from mask obligations, that would exercise a strong look at the young people to vaccinate.

In addition, this would cause many adolescents intentionally to be considered as recent.


I do not like this classification at all. It is as if man were human first or second class. And as a human second class one is automatically worse. Regardless of the school now too. Impossible.


As a virological layman, I would be first for this.

When vaccinated and geneseslargely as a virus distributor, because the mask obligation also practices nothing and her justification would simply obsolete.


In the masks you should not differentiate and in the end there is still available despite vaccination and recovery A residual risk


This does not make sense at all. Because the masks protect only others and vaccines can still transmit the virus. So that would be even more dangerous than if the vaccinated / recessed wearing a mask.

How do you find the idea that vaccinated and greeting in classrooms do not have to wear masks anymore?

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