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What is meant by earning a lot?


There are people who assist that everyone should earn a lot.

What do they mean?

That a bus driver with 20 professional years deserves just as much as a neurosurgeon with 10 professional years ?

or a specialist as much as a member of parliament?


This depends on which context this statement is. "Easy to earn" usually means that the same level should be paid for the same performance in a particular department; And without watching the person; Notwithstanding whether the achievements are provided by a man or a woman, because that is deserved money.

If all received the same income, without the same To provide performance, then the money that is paid - but not deserved. - the word "deserve" means that you have to earn what you want to deserve yourself, otherwise it remains unattainable.


The means that eggN bus drivers to stay with your example, who works in the bus of society A, just as much earns as the driver of the company B, if both bring the same requirements. Same work, equal pay.



I always thought so would be related to the sexes and maybe simply that now someone with Abitur should not be far ahead of someone with real-school degree has the payment and greater opportunities.

that there are occupations that are more or less paid is although I think it's clear, but of course it can be called that all professional fields should be paid equally.

I can not look at others in the head So I do not know what others do MOne.



This refers to that people who make the same job also deserve the same with the same number of hours.


So first, such a neurochirugin did not get their education for nothing.

Education is not easy to acquire in all equally easy to acquire people from academics are far from the race

They Of course, it has worked hard for it, hopefully in the first place because it interrogates the whole enormously.

Then the formation is based on the formation of others who have been researched and designed.

This is paid to the big part of taxes. Surely the whole prosperity in which we live here, this also includes education - even on the exploitation of DriTTE world countries.


But I leave it all away.

It's not about who gets most of it, but that everyone gets what He really needs to live his life. Different people have a very individual need. Thus, for example, nobody alone needs a multi-family house.

Each person (worldwide) should have available what he needs, regardless of whether he cleans the Eckligen station clo, until it is no longer anklig, or complicated operations at the heart performs a human. Man can also be powered by other things than by money. You can watch this very well in the development of free software. Sometimes also on a platform like this. Recognition is e.g.enORM important

What is meant by earning a lot?

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