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How do you find it when Germans use Arabic words in everyday life?


Especially under young people, that's popular. The benefit then terms such as Akhi, Habibi or Wallah.

How do you feel it, if Germans speak so?

Does it bother you, you celebrate that, or is that ridiculous?

I find the silly and unnecessary choose 58%

I do not care choose 34%

I think the cool choose 4%

I do the self choose 4%


I really do not use Arab words.

Here and again I use Jiddische or rare times Hebrew expressions.

A very right has been excited because I said to the Holocaust Shoah.

For example, we are now common with us (southern Germany) that one passes with Ciao. That fits me quite well because I also have Italian roots among others. But I'm mixing something Greek in the circle of friends. But that's fine.

  να έέεις καλησπέρα  

Well, the use of more and more English words like Nice rather than nice, creepy Instead of creepy, and worse a stylish pants, the flight was scancelt you got it GedowlOADED also Coffe to go that does not even exist in English. In English, for example, words such as Shoadung and Mailbox, Beamer basically mean something completely different than what you understand here is something like Meeting Denglisch the German word would be gathering or assembly. I myself use the most densglish words, even the Arabic not so but you have to know yourself but for me is this alienation of languages ​​worse

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Funny yes, and also a bit of ASSI. But in the end effect does not matter. Sometimes I say to the fun "Mashalla" (or how to write that) but only to my friends the NICht may be annoyed;)


Well, as German, I do not know if I have a magnificent right of say. Personally, I do not use these words and do not know anyone from my circle of friends who does that.

But I've already heard - especially about social media - some of them get involved when Germans or so use these words because it is for them, as if they were abusing their language. One uses the words without even the exact meaning to know, simply because you want to be 'cool' as if there were some trend.


It is no different than when German Jewish, Italian, French or English words use. And they do daily, including you and us all.

How do you find it when Germans use Arabic words in everyday life?

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