What do against aggressive motorists?

2021-06-15 12:02:21 BRENDA

Update: I did not want a dicule wheel against car. I do not want to do anything against "motorists", which annoys from legitimate reasons over cyclists. I talk about those who attack me.

As a wheel / racing cyclist, I have to be full of thinking about why one is not perceived as a person at a significant number of car driving people.

I am also sorry to listen to the endless Whatiboutic Sermon about how many cyclists can see Motorists Heinz a day, which do not hold on traffic rules, endanger pedestrians, with red driving etc. (I am none of them and me because of the Choice of my transport with these equatization is so discriminatory) ...

... or explain the motoriststhat you do not know the StVO and other traffic guidelines, if you do not ride too far right about the "in combination" or the bicycle security training scheduled ", not too far right to provoke risky overtaking maneuvers"
I now knows that this argumentative approach does not help me. Already in the circle of acquaintances, all non-cyclists become WhatibouTists.

But it has to help anything. I do not want to be overtaken with 30 cm distance. I do not want to be "sudden" anymore. I do not want to be splashed with wiping water anymore. I do not want to get accused, I would "drive as if the street belong to me," just because I want to use it. I just want to finallybe left in peace. I do not want to endure any suggested rammanöver, in which I get ancestor.

Some time ago I was encouraged to bring that consistently to display. But in practice there is usually statement against statement. If you do not personally go to the police, but use the online form, you never hear something again and it's probably nothing happened. Dashcams are not allowed in Germany and are rejected as evidence.

So what can I do to defend me? I'm really desperate now.


I know the problem, I'm e bike driver. Unfortunately, I am the weaker in road traffic.

Meanwhile, I have a Dashcam for the 50 € on the handlebar, as soon as you really crushed I drive to the police and quickly make an ad. Unfortunately, you rarely meet every day, say it is always a game again. But then only worth it with hard offenses.


You seem to live in a traffic-uply unfavorable area, because I do not have all these problems, although I have been constantly walking with the bike for decades, in the city and also on the Käffer Ring around.

Cycling paths, so those who are on the sides of the main roads, I avoid how I even avoid traffic, as it works. I drive much paths that are only released for pedestrians and cyclists, then small, little busy roads through settlements, shortly through parks, and outside the city I find small business streets for agriculture.

Of course I have already been tortured by pedestrians and motorists, but firstly very rare and secondly completely groundless. I do not thank anyone and pay attention to the rules. Some people just are just bad.


Dashcams are now allowed in DE and should come to an accident, then the video recordings can also be recycled.

So Either get one, accept it sobwie it is or do not drive on the street.

I can do some motorists because DurUnderstanding Chaus But that's why they're upset but close to cyclists is unacceptable.


There must be more bicycles on the road to take them seriously.

Without knowing the situation, however, I can not judge the situations. The horn is an approved overtaking signal. At a distance of 30 cm, of course, it could happen quickly that people on the bike drive a swinger and is scratched the car or is a bump in it. At best, it remains. Worst If someone is injured.

Beautiful greetings


Your ride never on cycle paths

Each loaver uses the, but the men's racing cyclists ( There are 99% men) notT

Because they drive so incredibly fast, because the paved cycle path is not good enough for you, you have to drive on the paved road

And then you both bother me because my car is much faster and I have to dodge you

Buy Cars if you want to be fast

What do against aggressive motorists?