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Are you for or against the mask obligation?


In my school, there are even a few people who strike because of the mask obligation because they call it as "personal injury". What do you think?


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In my school, there are even a few people who are striking because of the mask duty because they call it as "personal injury"

This is with the greatest nonsense I've ever heard. On the one hand, that's the last reason "to strike" is not legitimate at all, but much more important:

Who claims such a thing, has no idea about what is injury and that may be, if he says it's serious Very happy appreciate that today no crisp breeding is operated at school, because that was injury.

Of course, however, the mask obligation is adapted to the infection situation.


News Actually only indoors with many people z. B. School, supermarket, churches and OPNV.

But this is currently being regulated differently depending on the state.


In closed rooms, the mask requirement is fundamentally helpful.

How to still need for falling incidences in the schools, one can safely discuss ... on the school yards For example, you could probably expose them up to date ...

The cross -ulant strikers only endanger their grades, their transfer and their pocket money in the face of the impending order fee ...


As long as It is necessary, one should also consider the respective regulations.


can be completely helpful. But only for third-party protection if you are infected yourself. The numbers are sinking but I would use the maskmaintain. At some point, this pandemic must have an end.

Are you for or against the mask obligation?

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