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In love ... Behavior Good sign-to girl?


I'm M 15 on a one girl from my class she is 14 nearly 15 and she is Bi. We are so to speak best friends write a lot of calls often and also play video games together and we often talk at school. And somehow I've noticed a few things lately that I now describe: So somehow she has often been in my closeness in the break at the break on the balcony of the class actually as good as always with me if we go where we go eg other Class then she is quite often with us (me and my friends) with and she always pays attention to what I say. There are always cases where I talk to my boyfriend and suddenly laughs when I say something funny but not to her or she thinks something. Often when IBeginning to speak Look directly without me that I had addressed her. Today she came out with her girlfriends and was stopped with me although all their girlfriends have gone on and even asked where they stay. What did that mean how much does she like me or is that a normal friendship? So especially girls are asked like that with you? Thank you!


She is in love definit vllt net aware but it's the way it is with me too. Also, W 14 So I have to know that ... eg my last BZH.I have Net at all It noticed that I'm on him but then he asked me why I'm constantly going to him although there is no reason to do so I only answered ... umm idk ... then I asked my best friend if it can be that me Him ... he likes so directly yes .... So could be the same situation or?


You like you definitely,

not necessarily deliberately in love but she likes you more than "buddies"


It is definitely in love


Yes that is definitely in love

In love ... Behavior Good sign-to girl?

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