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Children Youth Psychiatry with 18?


Can you still in a children's youth psychiatry at 18 or have to be in a psychiatry for adults?


Jollähd. If you are more "childlike" for his age, it may be that you are still on the children & youth station. But it is also a place issue, as it is often full.

Sometimes there are also stations for young adults, meaning about 18 - 25.


Normally You come to the normal station for adults at the age of 18. In the KJP you come only up to your age of 18.

There are in some clinics but a station for young adults (mostly 18-25), so it gives an extra station for this age group. But unfortunately that does not have many clinics.


From 18 you are grown up, so you have to go to a normal (just no children psychologist) psychologistEuchen


When I had to go to a clinic one at his 18th birthday though he was not ready yet, I do not think so smart


Probably 18 unless you can call a real reason why still with the children. Just as you have anything with the doctor.

Children Youth Psychiatry with 18?

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