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How do I explain that to my parents?


I turned today on 14.06 18 years old and I have already planned with my friend forever that I prefer to him as soon as I'm 18.

The problem is my parents do not know any of them. How do I explain that I pull out from tomorrow? So I will be very likely to visit my parents several times a week I go in no other city or something.

My mother said I should stay at home this week, why do not I know. How should I teach her then that I live from my boyfriend tomorrow?

My parents could not stop me because I am fully annoyed?

But I just do not know how to teach them.

If you can talk to yourself, all O.K. But if you need money from you, you do not have to pay you if you pull out against your will. If you still receive child support for you, you can redirect it to you.


Why did you never address that? In your place, I would first appeal to give you time to let the sash and then take off.

I have said my parents very soon, that I pull out after school, ie with 18. Of course, they would be very pleased if I had stayed with them longer, but then there was no dispute over it or incomprehenses.

They were able to adjust for years and thus that wasNo drama. If I had gone from today to tomorrow, my parents told me pretty much.


First of all, all the best for the 18th !!

Explain it to them soon and go Then out of time. It should be a conversation without any allegations. And you should make mutually clarify that you are further for each other. Ideally, they support you. If the financial is regulated, there should be no problems, because everyone attracts sometime from the parents' home.


Why did not you spoken it in the past? If you go now without great advance notice that is already comical over. Talk in peace with you and give the thing a little time then it works certainly completelyUT: -)


That would be pretty bad about you so short-term. Talk to your parents and leave you a few more days, it does not have to be the same tomorrow.

And congratulations!

How do I explain that to my parents?

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