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Number of sexual partners?


Let's start, all would have to walk around with a sign where it is on how many sexual partners already had. Would you prefer to get a 0 or 150 displayed? You should decide between the two, all others had either a 0 or one to low double-digit numbers.

0 CHOOSE 81%

150 CHOOSE 19%


would be realistic ...

I think it's okay when people have had many sexual partners - have fun, as long as they have dealt with them with them and have practiced Safersex, that's why I would not think 150 bad.

Only for me as an asexual, this would be slightly next to it as a number; -).


would be lied, but maybe a lady wants to be the first one. Of course, I continue to run with the zero; -)


would be the truth



Would be the truth



Because it corresponds to the truth.

Number of sexual partners?

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