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Would you give up on pork?


I renounce religious reasons.

It should also be very unhealthy.

Yes Choose 57%

No Choose 43%


I've just started to eat pork and did not make my remaining life. There is a pile of animals whose meat tastes far better, so in my opinion pork is quite dispensable


I have been a vegitarian for half a year, and for about 5 years I did not eat pork. I started about 5 years ago, only very little, and just eating chicken. The reason for this was a tough pork ham, which I got a kind of weak trauma.

So yes, you can do without it very well.

LG Meli


It is always useful to do without meat. For the welfare of the animals, to WOhl of the environment and the climate, for the well-being of health and because we do not get the world hunger under control, if we eat all meat.

arbitrarily to renounce the meat of individual animals and eat others all the more to eat But does not bring anything and totally pointless. A pig wants to live, a cow wants to live. And that a meat is not unsounding than the other.

I think it's good if you do not eat meat, but then, if you do not eat meat. For religious reasons to give up, however, it means that it is not about protecting the animals or the climate and that it is usually all the more meat. I do not think that makes sense.



Yes, I'm even quite on FTo do without beyond

is not vital ..

It is not necessarily healthy, and the poor animals do I also sorry.

Hope could help

Beautiful Tuesday!

LG MilliMaus765


I do not see a sense of stopping. Just as chicken tastes differently than cattle or another animal, I would only do without the diversity of my diet. And why should I do without it, it is part of the good creation of God?

That pork is unhealthy, is a false information you got. Unhealthy is only if you eat too much fat, where it does not matter if animal or vegetable.

Who makes it fun, can also do without meat and vegan life. DeSosts I do not have to explain an animal as unclean or "impure" animals do not hold in the apartment.

Would you give up on pork?

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