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Tight and short stuff in a relationship?


Hello dear readers, namely my girlfriend and I are already 8 months happy together everything runs perfectly, it bothers me that you wear things that do not go over your butt and she has a relatively big bigger than the average I would Let's say, I have said it someone too. That it bothers me because it draws a lot of glances on them and makes me aggressive and I do not get clear, she always says she wants to wear wool what she wants, can she like to talk to her in a relationship one talks about his problems Or things that interfere and finds a compromise with both happy. You should take care of each other and respect each other and also his opinions. I would like to ask you like her the findEt or you could help me there.

Thank you in advance



I find it completely okay, she wears the things because she wants it. Besides, she does not attract the stuff to throw on. There are always people, especially men, no matter what you attach and, on the other hand, you can not do anything, that's not your fault. She can dress what she wants.
If you say you should take a compromise where both are happy. Let's see if she's attracting it is happy, so you would like to "ban" that, that's not really great and would not make her happy.


So you should not start earresting what you should wear this is otherwise a toxic statement

I can understand Fich well because I have to be a relationshipht other glances

But you have to think you have selected you and no one else if you want to be with you zsm then you could go yes but she is and remains with you so Do not worry the other you will look at this is normal and you will not be able to change

LG :)


Find out what you interpret my if you Your girlfriend trust and know she would not go into something like that, what should the problem be?

Clearly you can appeal to it that it somehow bothers you and you worry about it, but you have no right to ban it.



Yes I find it a bit funny...Aber look positive: maybe she wants to impress you :)

I find it strange yet, and I find that you are right!




I understand your embitterment but GLSUB I'll let you wear what she wants. Because in the end, she has selected and no one wants to do anyone else!

Tight and short stuff in a relationship?

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