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Do you know that if you are at a party, with a woman's conversation, who finds h


If I reflect on myself, I see that I just primitively behave like an animal. Hormones simply make sure that I just want to rummage, which is actually just a precursor of sex.

However, I have never had sex. Does this require a little, that at some point is not that extreme at some point, if you had SE ever? Anyway, you will not be as fast as sharp, with a lady you find attractive?

And is that in women as well that they want to blame themselves directly with a man in principle? Is that the same for women in principle?

I can not imagine somehow that women are so driving and primitive? Women always workSo "asexual", as if sex would be that disgusting for you, which of course is not that way. As if to rummage and sex for women is unimportant or they hardly demand. Somehow I'm full of false illusions about women. So after the motto the "pure", "immaculate", "loving", "fine" girls, which never takes sexual in his mouth. Who rarely hears women about what sexual speeches listen to I think that it is just for women so that they are then quickly considered "Schla * PE", so you never hear it in public.

But are women in the end of the effect as men as men? I think so.

Or am just I'm primitive and even most men tick differently?


"Do you know that if you are at a party, with a woman's conversation, which will find her attractive and then prefer to rummage directly with her?"

Yes, I know ... I do then! Or I did - I am now married and then my wife asks if that's ok or if you want to join! : -)


So I can not say anything about men

But no most women are not like that. There are women from every variety and clearly there are exceptions.

But it is definitely so that men are shooters and think more about sex.

does not mean that it does not mean that it is a bit disgusting for women is, but just that you do not have any big demand for it and in oneM People mostly see more than just a sex partner ...


There is nothing primitive or other, it's just human.

Especially when you are drunk at a party, quickly such thoughts feel sensations no matter if women or men.

Of course, women are also baking and such thoughts and needs and there are also some who stand and live out.

But yes many women hide that because there are still stupid people condemning that in women.

Of course, there are women at least that's not so fast.

Each person is different.


When I see an attractive man or get to know passes too. Are not alone and aWomen are like that too.
If you feel like it, you feel like it


This is completely normal.

Do you know that if you are at a party, with a woman's conversation, who finds her attractive and then preferably right with her rummard?

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